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Auto Spark Plug

Chevrolet GMC Pontiac Auto Spark Plugs Flat Seat 0.8mm Gap Multi Ribbed Insulator


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Thread: M14*1.25

Reach: 17.5MM

Hex: 16mm

Seat Type: Flat


Heat Range: 6

Electrode Type: J type

Resistor or not: Resistor

Electrode Enhancements: Iridium tip with central Platinum tip

TAKUMI Q4RTIP replacement spark plugs

·AC Delco 12

·AC Delco 41-101(ITR4A15)

·AC Delco 41-600

·AC Delco 41-601

·AC Delco 41-606

·AC Delco 41-900

·AC Delco 41-902

·AC Delco 41-904

·AC Delco 41-906

·AC Delco 41-907

·AC Delco 41-908

·AC Delco 41-910

·AC Delco 41-913

·AC Delco 41-919

·AC Delco 41-921

·AC Delco 41-928

·AC Delco 41-929

·AC Delco 41-931

·AC Delco 41-932

·AC Delco 41-933

·AC Delco 41-936

·AC Delco 41-937

·AC Delco 41-937(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-940

·AC Delco 41-942

·AC Delco 41-943

·AC Delco 41-947

·AC Delco 41-948

·AC Delco 41-950

·AC Delco 41-952

·AC Delco 41-963

·AC Delco 41-974(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-975(PTR5C15)

·AC Delco 41-983(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-985(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-986(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-987(DENSO)

·AC Delco 41-993(GM12607234)

·AC Delco 41101


AC Delco R44LTS

·AC Delco R44LTS6

·AC Delco R44LTS6K

·AC Delco R44LTSM

·AC Delco R44NTSE

·AC Delco R45NTSE

·AC Delco R46LTS

·Autolite 105

·Autolite 106

·Autolite 2545

·Autolite 2546

·Autolite 601

·Autolite 605

·Autolite 763

·Autolite 765

·Autolite 766

·Autolite 767

·Autolite 865

·Autolite 908

·Beru 14K-8DU

·Beru 14K-8DUO

·Beru 14K-9DU

·Beru 14K-9DU

·Beru 14K-9DUO

·Beru 14KR-9 DUX

·Bosch 0242225659

·Bosch 4458

·Bosch 4459

·Bosch 4469

·Bosch H8D

·Bosch H8DC

·Bosch H8DC0

·Bosch H8DP

·Bosch H9DC

·Bosch H9DC0

·Bosch H9DCY


·Bosch HR10DCX

·Bosch HR10HC0

·Bosch HR10LC0

·Bosch HR8DCX

·Bosch HR8DCY

·Bosch HR8DP

·Bosch HR8DPP15V

·Bosch HR8DPP222U

·Bosch HR8DPP22U

·Bosch HR8DPV

·Bosch HR8DPX

·Bosch HR8DPY

·Bosch HR8LPX

·Bosch HR9DC

·Bosch HR9DCX

·Bosch HR9DCY

·Bosch HR9DPX

·Bosch HR9DPY

·Bosch HR9HCO

·Bosch HR9KII33Y

·Bosch HR9LC0

·Bosch HR9LPPY

·Bosch HR9LPX

·Champion 3013

·Champion 3015

·Champion 3401

·Champion 3407

·Champion 7015

·Champion 7015(Double-Pt)

·Champion 7940

·Champion 7940(Double-Pt)

·Champion 7963(Double-Pt)

·Champion 7983

·Champion 7983(Double-Pt)

·Champion 9401

·Champion 9401(Iridium)

·Champion 9404

·Champion 9404(Iridium)

·Champion BN14Y

·Champion RS12PYP

·Champion RS12YC

·Champion RS12YC6

·Champion RS13LYC

·Champion RS14LC

·Champion RS14YC

·Champion RS14YC6

·Champion RS15LYC

·Champion RS16YC

·Champion RS17YX

·Champion S12YC

·Champion S12YCC

·Champion S14YC

·Denso 267700-2810

·Eyquem C42LJS3

·General Motors 12568387

·Mazda 1UXJ18110

·Mazda L30318110

·Mazda L84518110

·Mazda LFY118110

·Motorcraft AGRF42

·Motorcraft AGRF42C-6

·Motorcraft AGRF42C1

·Motorcraft AGRF52

·Motorcraft AGSF22FCM

·Motorcraft AGSF22FM1

·Motorcraft AGSF22PP

·Motorcraft AGSF32FEC

·Motorcraft AGSF32W

·Motorcraft AGSF32WM

·Motorcraft AGSF42C-6

·Motorcraft AGSF42EEM

·Motorcraft AGSF42FM

·Motorcraft AGSF44FM

·Motorcraft AGSF52C

·Motorcraft AWRF42

·Motorcraft AWS42EE

·Motorcraft AWS44EE

·Motorcraft AWSF22FM

·Motorcraft AWSF22FS/F

·Motorcraft AWSF32E

·Motorcraft AWSF32EE

·Motorcraft AWSF32F

·Motorcraft AWSF32FM

·Motorcraft AWSF32P

·Motorcraft AWSF32PF

·Motorcraft AWSF32PM

·Motorcraft AWSF32PP

·Motorcraft AWSF32Z11

·Motorcraft AWSF3PP

·Motorcraft AWSF42C

·Motorcraft AWSF42C-6

·Motorcraft AWSF42EE

·Motorcraft AWSF42P

·Motorcraft AWSF42PP

·Motorcraft AWSF44C

·Motorcraft AWSF44EE

·Motorcraft AWSF44PP

·Motorcraft AWSF52C

·Motorcraft AWSF54C

·Motorcraft AWSF62


























·Splitfire SF10E6

·Splitfire SF254F

·Splitfire SF524E

·Tacti V9110-5621

·Takumi P5RTPP-13

·Takumi Q4RTIP-15

·Takumi Q5RTC

·Takumi Q5RTIP-13

·Takumi Q5TC

·YANASE 5105VT16

Reach:17.5mmMaterial:Platinum And Iridium
OEM:ITR4A15 / Denso VT16Application:Mazda / Peugeot / KIA / BWM

Takumi TypeQ4RTIP
Seat TypeFlat
Heat Range5
Electrode TypeJ Type
Resistor or Non-ResistorResistor
Electrode EnhancementsPlatinum Iridium electrode

What is spark plug:

A spark plug is a device used in an internal combustion engine — that is, an engine that derives its power via exploding gases inside a combustion chamber — to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Cars typically have four-stroke gasoline engines, which means there are four strokes, or movements, to the moving parts inside the engine per rotation. Inside each cylinder is a piston, which moves up and down within the cylinder to compress the gas for combustion, and pushes the exhaust gases out after combustion. The piston is operated by an arm that attaches to the crankshaft, a shaft that extends through the bottom of the engine. The piston goes up and down twice during each rotation, hence the four strokes -- up, down, up, down.

The spark plug is positioned at the top of the cylinder, where the air-fuel ratio is compressed. The tip of the plug sits inside the engine, recessed into the side of the cylinder wall. The other end remains outside the engine and is attached to a wire that is also attached to the distributor.

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