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engine AIR filter factory manufacturer AF1518


Type: Air Filter

Part number: AF1518

Height: 2.31 (59mm)

Length:12.31 (313mm)

Width: 9.75 (248mm)

PSI Relief: YES

Anti-Drain: YES

Function: Filtrate Dust

Size: OEM Standard Size

Certificate: ISO/TS16949


Chevrolet/GMC Trucks(1999-16)

Chevrolet Suburban

Tahoe&GMC Yukon

Reference NO.:







Q: Do Takumi filters have warranty?

A: Yes, so long as the service is conducted by a qualified mechanic following the manufacturer’s specifications.

Q: If I fit a good quality filter, can I use low quality oil?

A: quality filter will not save your engine from excessive wear if there is prolonged use of a poor quality oil. Low quality oil generally means the oil additives deteriorate quicker, putting more stress on the engine. Make sure you use good quality oil and filters.

Q: The oil filter leaked soon after it was installed? Make sure correct filter was

A: Check old sealing gasket was removed from engine mounting base plate and that plate isn’t damaged or warped. (b) Ensure filter was correctly fitted with new sealing gasket. (c) Check threaded stud isn’t damaged or loose.

Q: Why do many air filters have wire screens?

A: To provide strength to the filter due to high air flows and provide fire protection in case of backfires.

Q: When should I change my air filter?

A: The air filter should be changed in relation to operating environment of vehicle, eg in hot, dusty conditions more regular frequent change period is required. In any case recommend change every 12 months irrespective of conditions or distance travelled.

Q: Why do Engineers start with Air filter requirements first?

A: Because it is the most important filter. Unfiltered air, with inducted contamination, will cause excessive engine wear.

Q: What is the difference between fuel filters used on carbureted systems versus EF

A: Generally the carburetted system operates at low pressure and has relatively low flow. Filters are often nylon bodied. EFI filters are metal bodied, and designed to handle higher pressures and flow. The media can also differ between filter types.

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