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Automobile Air Filter

High quality car engine Air filter factory manufacturer PAF4878

High quality car engine Air filter factory manufacturer PAF4878

TypeApplicationFunctionPSI ReliefAnti-Drain
Air Filter Ford Econoline,Expedition,PickupFiltrate DustYes

HeightID. BottomOD .TOPOD. Bottom

Features of auto mobile spare parts AIR Filter:

Outstanding Air filtration efficiency

Low flow resistance

High dust holding capacity

Heavy duty construction

Great with synthetic or conventional oil

Good temperature resistance

Good anti-humidity performance

Durable and long lifespan

Economical, practical and easy to install





Our Advantages:

1. Reliable performance: Special ceramic insulator / Anti-rust Nickel plated shell 

Copper core electrode helps transfer heat / withstands Temperature Pressure and Vibration 

Fits Most OEM Models.

2. Diversified Products: Spark plugs with different electrode shapes 

Spark plugs with noble metal electrodes

Spark plugs with different applications.

3. Advanced technology: CAD&LAN / Advanced Test Equipments-Preignition indicator etc. 

Advanced Processes-Laser Welding etc. Perfect Performance of New Products.

4. Easier Starting / Quicker Acceleration / Improved Fuel Economy / Perfect Durability.

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