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Vice Mayor Wang Wei'an and his party visited the company


On the morning of November 19, Wang Wei'an, vice mayor of Zhuzhou City, visited the company for investigation. Zhou Nanyang, Deputy Secretary General of Zhuzhou Municipal People's government, Liu Hui, resident liaison, Chen Guangyun, vice chairman and general manager of the company, Cui bole, Secretary of the Party committee and executive deputy general manager, and Peng Yunhui, deputy general manager, accompanied the investigation.


(Vice Mayor Wang Wei'an understands visual inspection system)

Wang Wei'an and his party visited the company's intelligent production line. Next to the automation production line of the general assembly division, Wang Wei'an was quite interested in the visual inspection system. Chen Guangyun introduced that the visual inspection system was developed by our company in cooperation with a third party. Through multi angle shooting, the algorithm comparison and automatic recognition were used to determine whether the appearance was qualified. The system greatly improved the self inspection efficiency and will be further replaced Manual visual inspection.


(Vice Mayor Wang Wei'an understands spark plug)

After visiting the site, Wang Wei'an and his party held a research forum with the company's leaders in the conference room on the fourth floor, and listened to Chen Guangyun's report on the company's situation and problems: under the adverse impact of the epidemic this year, the company still achieved sustained and stable growth in its main business, and made remarkable achievements in equipment research and development and new product development. At present, it has laid out high-performance spark plug ceramic body and nitrogen oxygen Sensors, nano silicon nitride and other products are expected to form a new economic growth point in the future. Wang Wei'an fully affirmed the company's achievements in on-site management and control, automation R & D investment, production and operation management, and praised the company's efforts to establish its own national brand and realize products going abroad. He said that Zhuzhou is an industrialized city with many advantageous industries, but it is a pity that some industries did not keep up with the pace of the times and went into decline and were eliminated by the market. It's not easy for spark plug company to be the first in the country. Through this inspection, he also learned that spark plug is actually a product with high technology content, which integrates R & D and innovation in new materials, machining and manufacturing. At present, the automobile industry is one of the three major industrial chains built by Zhuzhou City. I hope the company will continue to make efforts in the automobile manufacturing industry and create a manufacturing highland in Zhuzhou. At the same time, Wang Wei'an set the tone for the company's appeal for government support to solve the problems left over by history during the share reform period, and appointed Liu Hui and Zhou Nanyang to do a good job in the connection between government and enterprises, so as to help enterprises achieve faster and better development.

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