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Engine Oil Filter

Engine oil filter POF4612

General Specification

TypeOil filter Spin-on
Part numberPOF 4612
Outside Diameter67mm
Height 67.5mm
Inside DiameterM20*1.5thd
ApplicationHyunda,Kia (1994-10)

Features of auto mobile spare parts fuel filter:


Outstanding oil filtration efficiency
High oil flow rate
Low flow resistance
High dust holding capacity
Heavy duty construction
Great with synthetic or conventional oil
Good temperature resistance
Good anti-humidity performance
Durable and long lifespan
Economical, practical and easy to install





TAKUMI advantages:

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2. 60 years developing experience for auto parts.

3. All products pass ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

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5. Professional technical support and reliable service.

6. Strict quality control and 100% manual inspection in each steps.


Q: What is an anti drain back valve?

A: It stops oil from draining out of filter and oil galleries when the engine is shut down and aids quick flow of oil to engine on start up. Not all filters require anti drain back valve due to the construction of the engine.


Q: What is micron rating?

A: measure of the pore size in the filter media. Expressed as either Nominalor Absolute. Nominal Rating relates to the percentage of particles at a given size that a filter can capture ie. 10 microns at 90% means it will remove 90% of particles 10 microns in size. Absolute refers to the removal of all particles at a given micron size and larger ie. 20 micron absolute means 100% of particles 20 microns or greater will be captured.


Q: What is a micron?

A: micron a measurement equalling one millionth of a metre.


Q: Is a regular service interval filter change necessary?

A: Given the importance of efficiency, life and flow, regular filter changes with a good quality filter provide optimum performance and engine life.


Q: What is flow?

A: How easily air, oil or fuel flows through the filter. Minimising resistance to flow ensures that the engine is never starved of air, oil or fuel. Poor flow in a filter deprives engines of their vital needs, causing them to work harder, lose power and create rapid engine wear over shorter periods.

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