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Engine Oil Filter

Engine oil filter POF6296

General Specification

TypeOil Filter Cartridge
Part numberPOF6296
Outside Diameter51mm
FunctionFiltrate Dust
SizeOEM Standard

Features of auto mobile spare parts Oil filter:


Outstanding oil filtration efficiency
High oil flow rate
Low flow resistance
High dust holding capacity
Heavy duty construction
Great with synthetic or conventional oil
Good temperature resistance
Good anti-humidity performance
Durable and long lifespan
Economical, practical and easy to install







Q: Why do Engineers start with Air filter requirements first?

A: Because it is the most important filter. Unfiltered air, with inducted contamination, will cause excessive engine wear.


Q: What is the difference between fuel filters used on carbureted systems versus EF

A: Generally the carburetted system operates at low pressure and has relatively low flow. Filters are often nylon bodied. EFI filters are metal bodied, and designed to handle higher pressures and flow. The media can also differ between filter types.


Q: What is over pressurisation?

A: When the oil pressure valve temporarily sticks, it subjects the entire lubricating system to extreme pressures. Under these conditions the oil filter generally expands as the increased pressure tries to force the filter off the engine. Takumi filters are built to withstand 3 times normal operating pressure.


Q: What is the difference between a full flow and a bypass oil filter?

A: Full flow is where 100% of the oil passing through the same media before entering the engine. Bypass filters are more restrictive and take a portion of the oil and filter out smaller particles that can or have passed through the full flow filter. Common in heavy duty applications.


Q: What is the by-pass valve?

A: Should the oil filter become blocked, the valve will open allowing oil to flow into the engine. Because unfiltered oil is better than no oil.

TAKUMI advantages:

1. Standard products, customized products and,one-stop solution to all problems.

2. 60 years developing experience for auto parts.

3. All products pass ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

4. Excellent raw materials and advanced technology to ensure high quality.

5. Professional technical support and reliable service.

6. Strict quality control and 100% manual inspection in each steps.

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