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What are the advantages of Takumi iridium spark plug?


TAKUMI is mainly engaged in aotomobile spark plug, industrial spark plug recerch & development 50 years. The Iridium spark plugs of TAKUMI was highly approved  by costumers of Middle East, East Asia and Russia.
We are recruiting excellent dealers in global.

Waht is the features of TAKUMI Iridium spark plug ?
TAKUMI Iridium spark plug has the features of high melting point, high strength and high hardness, which makes a great advantage for automotive, motorcycle and industrial generator spark plugs:
Advantage 1,  Increasing fuel efficiency. With Iridium spark plugs, cars will rarely stall or ignite unexpectedly under various driving conditions, ensuring good combustion and reducing fuel consumption.
Advantage 2, Long service life. Many of the spark plugs on the market today are Nickel-alloy spark plugs, which have a relatively short service life of about 20,000 kilometres, while Iridium spark plugs can last 60,000 to 80,000 kilometres.
Advantage 3, Saving fuel. High quality Iridium spark plug can quickly ignite a ignition point, such as the lean Iridium spark plug, which can makes the fuel burns to the full,thus saving fuel consumption.

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