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Generator Spark Plug

Anti Corrosion Generator Spark Plug , RC78YCC15 High Performance Spark Plugs

Price:$ 10-13

Gasket Seat First Fire Spark Plug 7321 7322 For Cummins MAN PERKINS Engine

Natural Gasoline Generator Spark Plug , RC78PYP Gas Engine Spark Plug J Electrode

Heavy Duty Truck Spark Plugs MAN / DENSO GK3-5 IFR7U4D

Champion RN2C/N2C/RN79G Denso GE3-1 GE3-5A  Bosch 7315 7312

ISO9001:2000 in 1996 Dec / ISO/TS 16949:2002 in 2004




Replacement:Champion RN2C/N2C/RN79G Denso GE3-1 GE3-5A  Bosch 7315 7312

Engine:ARTSILA Model 175 (1994-) , W220SG

Engine type:Biogas


Packing:1. 4 pcs spark plugs in a tin  ;2.1 piece in plastic box ; 3. Pack as required

Seat TypeFlat
Heat Range78
Electrode TypeDouble Iridium "J" Type
Resistor or Non-ResistorResistor
ReplacementChampion RC78YCC15 / RC78WP / RC78PYP
Denso GK3-1A GK3-5A
Bosch 7322 7321




Advantages for double iridium spark plug.

1. Longer life: Both the center electrode and the side electrode contain precious metal iridium. The iridium material has strong anti-oxidation ability, and the side electrode technology makes the spark plug gap wear lower, which makes the life longer and more durable;


2. Stronger ignition performance: Double iridium double needle design, with good thermal conductivity, using "hot melt" technology, with high air tightness. Ensure that the self-cleaning temperature is raised within a few seconds after starting to increase the success rate of ignition;


3. Start faster: improve fuel efficiency and accelerate more stable and smoothly;


4. Fuel saving: platinum electrode plus a suitable ignition gap increases the charge focusing effect and improves the ignition path, thereby saving fuel, protecting the three-way catalytic converter, and saving vehicle maintenance costs;


5. Solve the jitter: effectively solve the engine jitter caused by the oxidation of the spark plug and improve the engine power.

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