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Generator Spark Plug

Generator spark plug R10P7 for P7.1V5 351000 P71V6 382195

R10P7 for GS 320 Series SparkPlugs For Cogeneration Plants 351000 382195

Jenbacher 320 generator spark plug match for P7 .1V5 ,351000 , 382195

GE Jenbacher JMS 320 Engine Generator Spark Plug BERU / Federal Mogul Spark plug tin 18 GZ 46 - FBM80WPN

Power House Generator Spark Plug , Jenbacher Spark Plugs GS 320 Type 3 0.3mm Gap

Spark Plug for JMS 320 Engine match for P7.1V5 351000 382195 382195

320 Series ignition spark plug 77 Heat Range Replace for P7.1V5 351000

Match For P7.1V5 351000 P7.1V6 382195 Generator Spark Plug Use For GS320 Engines

Iridium Tiped Generator Spark Plug Natural Gas Engine For Champion RN79G / Denso GE3-1

R10P3 Industrial Spark Plug for GS 420 Series P3.V3 347257 /V5.401824

Model NO:R10P7Thread:M18*1.5
Hex:22.2mmSeat Type:Flat
Gap:0.3mmElectrode Tpye:Special Design
Resistor Or Not:ResistorReplace:P7.1V5 351000 P7.1V6 382195

Advantages for Generator spark plugs:

1. Highly close to the original operating data.

2. Low consumption of precious metals and prolong service life.

3. High-quality heat dissipation and heat conduction materials, reduce material loss.

4. Reasonable design of fire angle, pre-chamber exhaust gas sweeping without dead corners.

5. Reasonable volume design of pre- chamber to ensure the intensity of fire spray.

6. The ignition position is the same as the original one, and there is no delay in the ignition response.

Model No.R10P7ThreadM18*1.5
Seat TypeFlatReach20.6mm
Heat Range77Hex22.2mm
Electrode TypeSpecial DesignGap0.3mm
Resistor or NotResisotrNotes: Replace  P7.1V5 351000/IV6 382195





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