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3508 Engine Prechamber Gensets Spark Plug 284-8313 146-2588 18GZ4-77-Z179

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3508 Engine Prechamber Gensets Spark Plug 284-8313 146-2588

ONERGYS "ONE1569" spark plug for use in MTU gas engines 4000 series.

Electrode 0.35 mm
Thread M18 × 1.5 mm
Bowl width 20.8 mm
Suit torque 50 60 nm, in cast iron: 40 50 nm
Alternative for: MTU engines series 4000

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Depending on your engine settings the ignition has to be readjusted.


BERU 18 VGZ 1-77

Reference numbers:
X52404500049 (4000L61, 4000L62, 4000L63, 4000L62FB).
OE X52404500027 / OE X52404500039 / X52404500049 / 18VGZ7 / 18 VGZ 1-77

0004800946; 0 004 800 946; 0004.800.946;
00048009460001; 0004.800.946.00.01;
18 GZ 4-77 - Z 179; 18GZ4-77-Z179; 18VGZ1-77

BERU Industrial Spark Plugs
BERU industrial spark plugs - specialty spark plugs for stationary gas-operated industrial engines.
When you choose the BERU industrial spark plug range of products, you choose over 100 years of spark plug experience and excellence made in Germany.
Whether they are used in landfills, or generators or block heating facilities, wherever natural gas or bio-gasses are burnt, industrial spark plugs are in use.
The applications vary from modified automotive engines to large industrial engines with up to 20 cylinders.
BERU offers spark plugs for all types whether the engine is running in a biogas or in a combined heat and power plant (cogeneration) in a hospital.
To master these non-stop operations, which are only interrupted for preventive maintenance, and to stand up to the long replacement intervals,
BERU industrial spark plugs are developed and manufactured with the highest quality materials, that are extremely resistant to combustion and erosion.
BERU industrial spark plugs power the following engine manufacturers:
MAN, Guascor, Cummins, MTU, GE Jenbacher, , Waertsilla and many more.
Numerous CHP service providing companies and "packagers" also use high quality and proven spark plugs from BERU.

BERU Industrial Spark Plug Facts

Developed, designed and made in Germany
High quality and resistant ceramic: 95% Aluminium oxide ceramic made for high best mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
Platinum/Iridium alloy with very high Iridium content
Iridium/Rhodium alloy as an oxide creator
Laser technology: continued wave laser technology to achieve the perfect alloy at the weld
Hot locking technology guarantees high durability in high compression engines
Monolithic resistor
Replaceable gasket
High quality steel shell, nickel plated for excellent corrosion resi

3508 Engine  Prechamber Gensets Spark Plug 284-8313 146-2588 0


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