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Generator Spark Plug

12453562 12344096 12343755 Prechamber Spark Plug For MWM / CAT TCG 2016


Industrial Machine Electric Spark Plug Engines Spare Parts For MWM / CAT TCG 2016

Generator spark plug Prechamber 12453562 12344096 12343755 match for MWM / CAT TCG 2016 engine

Heat Transfer Generator TCG 201612453562Prechamber Spark Plug

TCG 2016 Generator Spark Plug Replace 12453562 12344096 12343755

Pre-chamber generator spark plug for 1245-2074 for 2020 engine

Generator Spark Plug for12453562 12344096 12343755TCG 2016 CHP Parts

Prechamber spark plug 12453562 original NATURAL GAS Generator Spark Plug

With 60 years experience in automotive industry, TAKUMI Japan has extended its business from traditional auto parts to new energy section. For
many years TAKUMI Japan has been putting quality and performance in high priority and keeping a small group of prestigious clients.
However, many customers keep on asking for agency to distribute TAKUMI Japan products. Only recent years, TAKUMI Japan is considering to
satisfy customer requirements by granting agencyto those qualified applicants.


TAKUMI has authorized Dealers in many parts for the sale of service parts and the provision of service to owners of TAKUMI’s products. Every endeavour is made to ensure that such Dealers carry adequate stocks of service parts, but TAKUMI doesn’t make any promise other
than that contained in the New Vehicle Warranty given by TAKUMI that such parts or service facilities will be available at any specifi c location or at any particular time.

General Specification

Item numberS-R6A15
Reach26 mm
Hex22.2 mm
Seat TypeFlat
Gap0.3 mm
Electrode TypePrechamber
Cable length310mm
Shielded length196mm
Resistor or Non-ResistorResistor

Cross Reference:

S-R6A15MWM 1231-9475
MWM 1234-3055
MWM 1234-3755
MWM 1234-2668
MWM 1245 3564
MWM 1234 3758
MWM 1234 4098

Advantages for the industrial spark plugs:

1. Highly close to the original operating data.

2. Low consumption of precious metals and prolong service life.

3. High-quality heat dissipation and heat conduction materials, reduce material loss;

4. Reasonable design of fire angle, pre-chamber exhaust gas sweeping without dead corners.

5. Reasonable volume design of pre- chamber to ensure the intensity of fire spray.

6. The ignition position is the same as the original one, and there is no delay in the ignition response.





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