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Prechamber generator spark plug takumi type S-R6A13 replace deutz 1228-2839 TCG 2032


S-R6A13 Generator spark plug 12282839 /12282365 for TCG 2032 engine

Nickel Material Generator Spark Plug Shielded Replace 1228-2839 For TCG 2032

pre-chamber spark plug replace DEUTZ 1228-2839 gas generator spark plug 1228-4432 1228-4236 candle

Industrial spark plug replace DEUTZ 1228-5126 1228-5295 gas engine generator candle

TCG2032 Generator Spark Plug Match for 1228 2839

0.3mm Gap Iridium Spark Plugs TCG 2032 Engine Higher Fuel Efficiency

TCG 2032 ignition spark plug match with 1228-2839 /1228-2365

For Deutz 1228-2839 / 1228-4432 Generator Spark Plug Use For TCG 2032 Engines

General specifications:

Takumi TypeS-R6A13
Reach30 mm
Hex22.2 mm
Seat TypeFlat
Gap0.3 mm
Electrode TypePrechamber
Cable length965mm
Shielded length276mm
Resistor or Non-ResistorResistor
Notes:Shielded replace 1228-2839 for 
TCG 2032


Shielded replace

1228-2839 ,1228-4432 for TCG 2032


1. Highly close to the original operating data.

2. Low consumption of precious metals and prolong service life.

3. High-quality heat dissipation and heat conduction materials, reduce material loss.

4. Reasonable design of fire angle, pre-chamber exhaust gas sweeping without dead corners.

5. Reasonable volume design of pre- chamber to ensure the intensity of fire spray.

6. The ignition position is the same as the original one, and there is no delay in the ignition response.





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