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Choose proper channels to get good auto parts


Recently, Tianjin Xingang Customs seized a batch of allegedly infringing oil filters, a total of 3,661. When the customs officers inspected a batch of oil filters declared as "no brand", they found that the actual products had the logo of "CATERPILLAR and graphics". After confirming with the relevant filing company, the goods are suspected of infringement, and the obligee applies for customs protection of intellectual property rights according to law. After counting, a total of 3,661 allegedly infringing filters were found, with a value of 159,800 yuan.

Total amount is not big,but it is not good for auto aftermarket. Need purchase from proper channels.Torch group is famous in China and do OEM auto parts like spark plug for Denso,Acdelco,etc and filters for Ford. [email protected]



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