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Global auto aftermarket development trend


According to China Insurance Research, the car zero-to-full ratio comprehensively reflects the changes in the cost load of car consumers using cars and the cost of car insurance compensation. The higher the zero-to-full ratio coefficient, the higher the maintenance cost of the car. Statistics from China Insurance Research show that in recent years, my country's automobile zero-to-full ratio 100 index has continued to rise, from 325.83% in September 2018 to 365.38% in December last year. This means that the cost of aftermarket and maintaining for car consumers continues to grow.

As the automobile market matures, the main profit point of automobile companies and dealers no longer depends on the sales of new cars, but turns to the aftermarket of automobile repair and maintenance parts,like spark plug,ignition coil,filters,brake pads,oxygen sensors,lamps,etc. And as the maintenance ring plays a meaningful and important role in the after-sales service market of automobiles.



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