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LD7RTI replace for DCPR7EIX

1. Come pre-gapped

2. The iridium electrode is 25% smaller than a platinum electrode, and it's just 1/4 the size of a conventional nickel electrode

3. Ultra-small diameter center electrode reduces voltage requirement and extends ignition system life

4. The ultimate in spark plug technology and performance from the industry leader

New metal shell plating has enhanced anti corrosion qualities

SizeThread-M12*1.25mm, Hex-17.5mm, Reach-26.5mm
Net weight0.3kgs
Electrode material
SupportOEM & ODM available




Adwantages about this spark plug:

1. Long life: The outer electrode of the double precious metal is inlaid with platinum, the main electrode is made of iridium, and both the iridium and platinum material has strong anti-oxidation ability. The side electrode technology makes the spark plug gap almost wear-free, thereby extending its lifespan;


2. Strong ignition performance: The design of iridium and platinum needle, has good thermal conductivity, uses hot melt technology, and has high air tightness;


3. More fuel saving: the side electrode is processed into a hammer, which increases the charge focusing effect and saves the cost of car maintenance;

4. Solve the jitter: effectively solve the engine jitter caused by the oxidation of the spark plug and improve the engine power;


5. Quick start: Improve fuel efficiency, start faster, and accelerate more stable and smoothly.


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