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EAC certification needed for Spark plugs exported to Russia


The spark plug is an important component of the gasoline engine ignition system. It can introduce high-voltage electricity into the combustion chamber and make it jump across the electrode gap to generate sparks, thereby igniting the combustible mixture in the cylinder. It is mainly composed of a wire nut, an insulator, a wire screw, a central electrode, a side electrode and a shell, and the side electrode is welded on the shell.

Spark plugs exported to the Russian market need to apply for EAC certification before the goods can be successfully sold in the Russian market

How to apply for spark plug EAC certification, what information do exporters and factories need to provide?

Spark plug Russia EAC certification application requirements are as follows:

1. CU-TR certification procedures and steps;

2. Regulations on the legal representative of the Customs Union applicant (license company);

3. CU-TR Declaration certification cycle;

4. List of required materials for certification application;

5. EAC mark usage specification;

6.List of technical regulations of the Customs Union certified and date of entry into force;

7. Russian laws stipulate various penalties for trafficking, selling and using uncertified products;

8. Regulations of the Customs Union on various modes of assessment and selection;

9. EAC certification review mode;

10. List of specifications for harmonized technical regulations of the Customs Union;

11. Customs Union CU Customs Clearance Guidelines;

12. Products not within the scope of Customs Union certification;

13. Detailed list of customs union technical regulations and EU directives;

14. List of current and obsolete regulations of Russia's GOST-R technical regulations.

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