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What is TAKUMI Professional?


TAKUMI Professional is the latest addition to the TAKUMI product line. These high performance piston kits include many advanced features while maintaining a price similar to the existing TAKUMI Piston line when purchased with rings. New features include lightweight TAKUMI forgings, accumulator grooves and high quality long wrist pins. In addition, the TAKUMI Professional line features an industry first 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm ring package. The 1.2mm carbon steel nitrided top ring is extremely durable and offers reduced friction over 1.5mm and 1/16" top rings. A 1.5mm Napier (hooked face) 2nd ring is used to improve oil control over conventional taper-faced rings. The combination of these new features can reduce the piston assembly weight up to 77 grams when compared to traditional pistons. Weight savings can be even greater when compared to other forged piston brands.

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