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Nox Sensor 2294291 5WK97401 For SCANIA Truck 24V

1.Detail Specification

OE No.


Continental P/N

Compatible vehicle

Scania HGV lorries   Scania EURO 6

Cable length

Net weight



>Improve Fuel Efficiency & Reduce Pollution Emissions

Adhere to the refusal to use low-cost manufacturing materials that are harmful to human health, improve fuel efficiency, save fuel costs, and reduce emissions of pollutants and harmful gases.

>Stable & Powerful Performance

Our oxygen sensor is made of high quality stainless steel platinum pulp, porous polytetrafluoroethylene, fluororubber, alumina, high grade platinum, ceramics and other materials. The oxygen ion reaction is more sensitive, the light-off time is extremely short, the reaction is rapid, and it is less affected by water mist and stains.

>Nernst Principle & Optimized Engine

We have a professional team to study the design of smooth appearance, direct procurement of the original core chip, and high temperature corrosion resistant material optimized engine, performance more stable.

>Safe Escort & Extending Service Life

The service life of the optimized oxygen sensor developed by the professional team is stronger than that of the general oxygen sensor, reducing the cost of daily care and maintenance for customers.


2.Advantages of our products.

>Warranty period of 1 year

>Customized service provided

>Real time, simultaneous measurement of NOx and O2 concentration

>Fast response

>Fully sealed waterproof design does not require external reference air

>High water resistance

>High toxicity resistance

>Early activation


3.Factory Dispay




Q1: What is NOx Sensor for NOx aftertreatment system ?

A: The NOx sensor is part of the NOx reduction aftertreatment system used in diesel vehicles with urea based SCR systems. The sensor located upstream of the SCR catalyst directly measures the engine-out NOx gas concentration, which helps determine the optimum amount of urea injection. The NOx sensor downstream of the SCR catalyst is used to monitor the performance of the catalyst. Accurate NOx measurement is in high demand to comply with increasingly strict NOx emissions regulations. The NOx sensor is also capable of measuring O2 concentration, just like a wide range air-fuel sensor.

Q2: Symptoms of a bad NOX Sensor ?

A: >Higher Fuel Consumption.

If the sensor isnt working properly the ECU isnt getting any feedback about the status of the exhaust gasses, so theres no way for the computer to know or work out the necessary fuel mixture or air-to-fuel ratio. This forces the ECU to assume a worst-case scenario and run a rich fuel mixture to ensure maximum power in poor conditions.

>Unstable idle.

Again, since the ECU has no way of knowing whats going on with the engine, it has to assume a worst-case scenario. Fuel injectors designed to maintain a constant flow of fuel to the engine will sporadically starve and/or surge, neither of which is good for your car in the long run.

>Engine Warning Lights

Perhaps the most obvious one yet, but definitely the one most people usually ignore. Although the sensor itself isnt mounted inside the engine bay, any failure of the NOx sensor will trigger an engine warning light. Its not a bulletproof method of finding NOx sensor faults and issues, but it does paint a much clearer picture of what your cars experiencing. Scanning for error codes after a check engine light usually reveals whether youre dealing with a broken NOx sensor right away.

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