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What is the Iridium spark plug?


A Iridium has very high melting point at 2545 centigrade much higher than that of platinum at 1772. This allows the electrode to be thinner than the platinum type, improving ignitability. In addition, the thermo edge designed in the Iridium spark plug makes it highly resistant to carbon fouling.


The diameter of the center electrode is very fine.
The tip of ground electrode is taper cut.

It produces sparks very easily and has excellent ignitability.

Better performance is achieved with improved starting, acceleration, and idling stability, as well as fuel-efficiency.

Combustion pressure test The Iridium spark plug has less dispersion than a conventional spark plug, allowing it to maintain stable performance.


Acceleration test Increased power in the middle rpm range provides improved acceleration performance.


Since the center electrode is very fine, the flame core grows larger.
Moreover, the tip of ground electrode is taper cut.

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