ሁሉም ምድቦች

የመኪና ካቢን ማጣሪያ

ሄፓ ንቁ የካርቦን የመኪና ጎጆ አየር ማጣሪያ ከፍተኛ ፍሰት 4B0819439C ለኦዲ ስካይዳ ግሎፍ

Auto Parts Interior Cabin Filter Activated Carbon Cloth LR023977 For Landrover

High Efficiency Vehicle Cabin Filter 97133-2E210 For Hyundai Accent Gensis

4 Runner Car Cabin Filter 29mm Thickness White Fiber With Gule Fit Corolla Camary

Mercedes Benz Car Cabin Filter Activated Carbon Multi Color A2118300018

HYUNDAI Solaris RB/SB Automotive Cabin Air Filters Non Woven Fabrics Multi Size

Active Carbon Car Cabin Filter , Toyota Auto Cabin Air Filter Replacement OEM

BMW Clean Cabin Air Filter Activated Carbon Cloth 64319171858 99.8% Initial Efficiency

White Toyota Carbon Cabin Air Filter Hepa Paper 87139-30040 2 Years Guarantee

የምርቱ ዝርዝር:

የእውቅና ማረጋገጫ: TS16949 ISO9001
የሞዴል ቁጥር: 80291-SNK-A01

አይ አይ: 4B0819439C የዋስትና: 6200 ማይልስ
መተግበሪያ: For Audi VW አገልግሎት: የኦሪጂናል / ODM
መኪና Audi VW VAG SKODA GOLF የንግድ ዓይነት: Air Filter Wholesale

ዓይነት Cabin filter
አዎ አይ 80291-SNK-A01
መኪና መስራት ለሆንዳ
ማረጋገጥ TS16949 IS09001
መግለጫዎች • Low flow resistance
• High dust holding capacity
• Heavy duty construction
• Great with synthetic or conventional oil
• Good temperature resistance
• Good anti-humidity performance
• Durable and long lifespan
• Economical, practical and easy to install
እቃዎች Germany/Janpanese/Thailand/Chinese filter paper
ከለሮች Yellow/Brown/Customized
መጠን Length(mm) 240 Width(mm) 165 /135 Height(mm) 60
ማረጋገጥ ISO / TS16949
አገልግሎት ኦሪጂናል ዕቃ አምራች እና ኦዲኤም
Technology/Craftwork Ultrasonic welding/ Heat welding
Filtration rating > 30 um

ለበለጠ መረጃ