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የመኪና ሽቦ ሽቦ

ተፅእኖ የሚያሳድረው የመኪና ማረጋገጫ ኢኳል ፣ 4 ሯጭ ቶኒ ቶሮንቶ ከፍተኛ አፈፃፀም Ignin Coil

Durable 24V Engine Ignition Coil High Degree Adhesion For GENERAL MOTORS

Mercury Optimax Car Ignition Coill Plastic Excellent Electrical Conductivity

አይነት: የማስታወክ ሽቦ መጠን: መደበኛ መጠን
አይ አይ: 988F.12029.AD ቀለም: ጥቁር
ብራንድ ስም: TAKUMI ቁሳቁሶች: Plastic,chip,copper
መኪና ቃል

የምርት ስም OEM Mercury Optimax Ignition Coil
የንጥል ቁጥር 988F.12029.AD
መልቀቂያ ለኰሰ
መጠን መለኪያ
ከለሮች ጥቁር
Meterials Plastic,chip,copper

About Ignition Coil

Motorcraft ignition coils offer value without compromising quality. They are the right fit for all model. Highlights include:

Helps ensure proper engine performance, maximize fuel economy, minimize both tailpipe emissions and RFI electronic interference

Helps avoid spark plug failure, drivability complaints, pre-ignition and detonation

Coil components deliver excellent performance. Highlights include:


Multiple coats on the primary and secondary windings to ensure no internal arcing

Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Suppression

Minimize electronic noise


Hold strength for the coil to maintain proper energy output


Used in the lamination stack to ensure a consistent magnetic field needed to develop the required voltage

Coil Housing

Engineered to withstand extremes in temperature without cracking

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