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የሞተር ዘይት ማጣሪያ

ዘይት ማጣሪያ POF5608

ዓይነት: Oil Filter Cartridge

OE NO.:POF5608

Outside Diameter:2.75[70mm]


Inside Diameter: 1.11 [28mm]


የእውቅና ማረጋገጫ ISO / TS16949



TOYOTA V6 3.5L (2500-20)

Lexus(2007-19) (Toyota 04152-31090)



Features of auto mobile spare parts fuel filter:


Outstanding oil filtration efficiency
High oil flow rate
Low flow resistance
High dust holding capacity
ከባድ ግንባታ
Great with synthetic or conventional oil
Good temperature resistance
Good anti-humidity performance
Durable and long lifespan
Economical, practical and easy to install

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