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IFR6A/ DENSO ZXU20PR automobile spark plug platinum tip Iridium tip

J Electode Auto Spark Plugs , Platinum Tip Performance Spark Plugs For Trucks

TOYOTA LEXUS IS200 Spark Plugs Auto Parts Gasket Seat Petrol / Gas Powered


Mír Uimh

Branda: TAKUMI

Thread: M14*1.25

Reach: 19MM

Hex: 16mm

Seat Type: Flat

Gap: 0.8mm

Resistor or not: Resistor

Material: Iridium and Platinum

TAKUMI K5RTIP replacement spark plugs

·Brisk P4

·Daihatsu 90048-51178-000

·Denso SK20PR-A8

·Denso SK20PR-L9

·Denso SK20PR-L9S

·Denso SVK20RZ8


















Cuir iarratas chuig: VW, BWM, HONDA, TOYOTO Fit To: IFR6A IFR6B VK20 VK20G IK20 SK20HR11
snáithe: M12 * 1.25 Heics: 16mm
Reach: 19mm Raon Teasa: 6
Friotóir: Is ea Bearna: 0.8mm
ábhar: Platinum Iridium

Múnla K6RTIP
Méid an Snáithe M14x1.25
Reach 19mm (3/4”)
Heics 5/8 ”(16mm)
Cineál Suíocháin Gasket
Bearna 0.8mm
Raon Teasa 6
Cineál Leictreoidí J Cineál
Friotóir yes
Center Electrode Materical Iridium tip
Ground Electrode Material Platinum tip

Cur síos:

K6RTIP Iridium Tip Spark Plugs use a performance copper core to improve conductivity of electrical current. The central electrode is tipped with Iridium alloy to greatly extend service life and allow a smaller electrode diameter of 0.6mm, this improves performance and efficiency of the ignition system. Many designs also use a Platinum chip in the ground electrode, it's not uncommon for service life to be 800,00 miles for these plug types. These spark plugs are specified by the manufacturer for modern engines which have extremely long service intervals or where access to change the spark plugs is difficult.

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