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C7E / Autolite XS4303 / Bosch U3CC / Champion OE166 / T04 / Denso U22ES-N Ploge

Kout Deskripsyon:

Platinum Material two wheeler spark plug 19mm Reach Flat Seat 7 Heat Range

C7E U3CC U22ES-N 4137 IU22 U22ESN Brisk AR14YS Yamaha Spark Plug 94701-00358 for motorcycles

BPMR7A 6703 4626 Lawn Mower Spark Plugcopper Nwayo Pou Husqvarna Makita Stihls

Evinrude outboard motors parts Spark Plug BP6RES for Evinrude 4-Stroke OHC 1298cc 60hp 70hp Evinrude

Spesifikasyon jeneral:

ki gen konpòtman egzanplè B7TC
Gwosè fil M10x1
Rive nan 19mm
Egzagòn 16mm (3/4 ")
Seat Type Joint
Gap 0.8mm
Chalè Range 7
Kalite elèktrod J Kalite
Rezistans pa gen okenn
Sant elektwòd matrisik Nikèl Copper
Materyèl elektwòd tè Nikèl

fil: M10 * 1 Rive jwenn: 19MM
Egzagòn: 16MM Gap: 0.8MM
Rezistans: PA Fit Pou: E-C7 / C7E / U3CC / G7C / U22ES-N

Advantages for Spark plug:

1. ISO standard wiring terminal post: combined with coating at high temperature, specific corrosion resistance and stamping resistance, to ensure reliable connection with high voltage wire, non-destructive conduction of electric energy;


2. High density insulating ceramic, using high content alumina composition, ultra-fine powder formula, isostatic pressing molding process, to ensure the insulation and mechanical properties in extreme environment;


3. Automatic metal shell production process and high nickel plating ratio, to ensure good torsion resistance and corrosion resistance;


4. Labyrinth memory outer sealing gasket to ensure the sealing ability and installation flexibility of the cylinder cover;


5. Using laser welding technology to ensure the firmness of precious metals; extremely thin ignition electrode, ignition energy is more concentrated, reduce the voltage required for ignition, start faster, accelerate faster, idling speed is more stable, and fuel is more economical.





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