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מסנן דלק אוטומטי

מנוע דיזל מתכת מסנן דלק אוטומטי טבעת גומי דיוק סינון גבוה עבור 6UZ1

פרטי מוצר:

הסמכה: TS16949 IS09001
מספר דגם: P502502 8980924811

ביצועים: דיוק ויעילות סינון גבוהים חוֹמֶר: Fuel Filter Paper, Rubber Ring, Plastic
נוֹהָג: הסר זיהומים בבנזין יישום: For Toyotas HILUX Revo
מספר: P502502 8980924811

שם פריט P502502 8980924811 Diesel Part Fuel Filter For 6UZ1
סוּג מסנן דלק למנוע דיזל
OEM לא.  P502502 8980924811
בקשה  For Toyotas HILUX Revo
חומרים Fuel Filter Paper, Plastic, Rubber Ring
מידה Height: 193/188mm
OD: 101mm
תעודת זהות: 20.5 מ"מ
צֶבַע Orange/ Yellow/ Customized
שֵׁרוּת OEM& ODM, Free Sample
תֶקֶן ISO9001, TUV
להבטיח 10000 KM
אריזה Neutral packing or customers' demand

Fuel filter according to the structure can be interchangeable, spin-mounted, centrifugal; according to the arrangement in the system can be divided into full flow, split type. Oil filter used by the filter material filter paper, blankets, metal mesh, non-woven fabrics. Before the eighties, the country used the engine oil filter for the exchangeable. This kind of structure of the filter is the filter and other parts, such as springs, seals and other parts into a metal shell, through the rod to the shell filter and other metal filter with a fixed connection. Its advantage is the use of low cost, just regular maintenance can replace the filter. The disadvantage is that too many sealing points, maintenance and replacement filter may leak parts, easily lead to loopholes, and change the trouble.

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