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מסנן אוויר לרכב

לקסוס קאמרי מסנן אוויר לרכב, החלפת מסנן אוויר בקתת OEM 17801-31130

סוּג: מסנן אויר מידה: 243.5 * 224 * 55.5mm
Car Make: לטויוטה OE לא: 17801-31130
אַחֲרָיוּת: 10000 קמ"ש יישום:: FOR CAR
פונקציה :: Device For Removing The Air Tiny Particles

הסמכה: ISO / TS16949
מספר דגם: 17801-31130

פירוט מוצר:

 Car spare part Air intake Air Filter for Lexus Camry OEM: 17801-31130
סוּג מסנן אויר
מספר OEM 17801-31130
לעשות מכונית טויוטה
מידה אורך (מ"מ): 243.5
רוחב (מ"מ): 224
גובה (מ"מ): 55.5
חומרים Cloth/Fiber/Paper(Korean/Germany/Chinese)
צֶבַע White/Yellow/Green/Customized
טִיב הַעֲבוֹדָה
תעודה ISO / TS16949
מקום מוצא סין (יבשת
שֵׁרוּת OEM & ODM
ירידת לחץ ראשונית <= 0.3 ק''פ
יעילות ראשונית > = 99.8
MOQ 100-500pcs
יכולת אספקה 100,000 יחידות / חודש
FOR Port גואנגזו
טווח תשלום TT,Westen Union,Moneygram
זמן אספקה 10-25 ימים לאחר אישור ההזמנה
אֲרִיזָה Neutral/Customized/Color box
1.Plastic bag+box+carton;
2. תיבה / שקית פלסטיק + קרטון
3.Be Customized


The engine in the course of work to absorb a lot of air, if the air is not filtered, the air suspended dust was sucked into the cylinder, it will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear. Larger particles between the piston and the cylinder, will cause a serious "pull cylinder" phenomenon, which is dry and sand in the working environment is particularly serious. Air filter installed in the carburetor or intake pipe in front of the air filter out the role of dust, sand, to ensure that the cylinder into the amount of clean air.

In the tens of thousands of parts of the car, the air cleaner is a very humble part, because it is not directly related to the technical performance of the car, but in the actual use of the car, the air filter on the car (Especially the engine) has a great impact on the life. On the one hand, if there is no air filter filter effect, the engine will inhale a large number of dust, particles of air, resulting in serious engine cylinder wear; the other hand, if the use of the process, not for a long time to maintain, air filter The filter element will be filled with dust in the air, which not only reduces the filtration capacity, but also hinders the flow of air, resulting in the mixture is too thick and the engine is not working properly. Therefore, it is vital to maintain the air filter on schedule.

Air filters are generally paper and oil bath type two. As the paper filter with high filtration efficiency, light weight, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., has been widely used. Paper filter filter efficiency of up to 99.5% or more, oil bath filter efficiency in the normal case of filtration efficiency of 95-96%. Car air filter is widely used in paper filters, and is divided into dry and wet two. For dry filter, once immersed in oil or moisture, filtration resistance will increase dramatically, so clean should not touch the water or oil, or must replace the new pieces.

When the engine is running, the intake air is intermittent, causing air vibrations in the air cleaner housing. If the air pressure fluctuates too much, it may affect the intake of the engine. In addition, this time will also increase the intake noise. In order to suppress the intake noise, the volume of the air cleaner housing can be increased, and some of the spacers are arranged therein to reduce the resonance.

Air filter filter is divided into dry filter and wet filter two. Dry filter material for the filter paper or non-woven fabrics. In order to increase the air through the area, most of the filter processing a lot of small folds. When the filter is slightly defaced, you can use compressed air blowing, when the filter fouling should be replaced when the new core.

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