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TAKUMI D8TC אופנוע מצתים תואמים עבור סוג DP8EA9 / D8REA / X24EPR-U9

Longer Life Engine Spark Plugs J Electrode Non - Resistor Fit Yamaha 94700-00275

DP8EA9 Denso X24EP-U9 X24EP-U Bosch 0241145500 Champion RA6HC Brisk BR12 Motorcycle Spark Plug

Motorcycle Spark Plug for DP8EA9 Denso X24EP-U9 X24EP-U Bosch 0241145500 Champion RA6HC Brisk BR12

SKODA RENAULT E6TC Sport Spark Plugs Nickel Plated Shell Match BP6HS

80cc 66cc 60cc 50cc 49cc Motorcycle Engine Toyota Spark Plugs IKH20

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מותג: TAKUMI

חוט: M12 * 1.25

הגעה: 19 מ"מ

משושה: 17.5 מ"מ

סוג מושב: שטוח

פער: 1.1 מ"מ

טווח חום: 8

סוג אלקטרודה: סוג J

Resistor or not : Non Resistor

Material : Copper Core Electrode

סוּג: Motorcycle /small Engine Spark Plug סוג עסק: יַצרָן
מוצרים: Motorcycle Spark Plug , For 110cc,125cc,Scooter125 שוק: South America, Middle East, Africa,etc
היסטוריה: 10years

טאקומי  D8TC
פְּתִיל M12 * 1.25
לְהַגִיעַ 19mm
הקס 17.5mm
סוג המושב שטוח
פער 1.1mm
טווח חום 8
סוג האלקטרודה סוג J
נגד או לא נגד נַגָד
שיפורי אלקטרודות Copper core electrode

What is spark plug:

A spark plug is a device used in an internal combustion engine — that is, an engine that derives its power via exploding gases inside a combustion chamber — to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Cars typically have four-stroke gasoline engines, which means there are four strokes, or movements, to the moving parts inside the engine per rotation. Inside each cylinder is a piston, which moves up and down within the cylinder to compress the gas for combustion, and pushes the exhaust gases out after combustion. The piston is operated by an arm that attaches to the crankshaft, a shaft that extends through the bottom of the engine. The piston goes up and down twice during each rotation, hence the four strokes -- up, down, up, down.

The spark plug is positioned at the top of the cylinder, where the air-fuel ratio is compressed. The tip of the plug sits inside the engine, recessed into the side of the cylinder wall. The other end remains outside the engine and is attached to a wire that is also attached to the distributor

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