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VW AUDI A2 Auto Parts Fuel Filter Wood Pulp Paper 35mm Inner Diameter Anti Rust

Peugeot / Ford Auto Fuel Filter 10-15 Micron Filtering Precision Long Lifespan

ISUZU Auto Fuel Filter , Non Woven Fabric Fuel Filter Replacement For CXZ EXR

High Density Fabric Auto Fuel Filter , Reusable Fuel Filter Fit Toyotas HILUX Revo

High Performance Paper Fuel Filter High Precision Anti Humidity Fit SHODA/VW

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اصل جو هنڌHunan, China(mainland)
برانڊ جو نالو:takumi
سرٽيفڪيٽ:TS16949 IS09001
ماڊل تعداد:3C0127434

موادyellow filter paper/wood pulp paper
ماپ (L * W * H)OEM Standard/Customizede
وارنٽي6 مهينن
سندISO9001 2008
استعمالRemove impurities in gasoline
مارڪيٽEurope, Russia, Japan, Middle East, Brazil, Africa, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

ڪارڪردگي:High Filtration Precision And Effiiciencyاندروني قطر:35mm
له:Durable Filter Paper Media/High Density Non Woven Fabricاستعمال:Remove Impurities In Gasoline
درخواست:For For VW AUDI A2نمبر3C0127434


Fuel filter according to the structure can be interchangeable, spin-mounted, centrifugal; according to the arrangement in the system can be divided into full flow, split type. Fuel filter used by the filter material filter paper, blankets, metal mesh, non-woven fabrics. Before the eighties, the country used the engine fuel filter for the exchangeable. This kind of structure of the filter is the filter and other parts, such as springs, seals and other parts into a metal shell, through the rod to the shell filter and other metal filter with a fixed connection. Its advantage is the use of low cost, just regular maintenance can replace the filter. The disadvantage is that too many sealing points, maintenance and replacement filter may leak parts, easily lead to loopholes, and change the trouble.




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