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AUDI VW Reusable Engine Air Filter 99.8% Filter Efficiecny OEM 06C133843

AUDI VW Reusable Engine Air Filter 99.8% Filter Efficiecny OEM 06C133843

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سرٽيفڪيٽ:TS16949 IS09001
ماڊل تعداد:1444 ايف پي

وارنٽي:60000 ميلدرخواست:For VW AUDI
ڌنڌي جي قسمWholesale Air FiltersسروسOEM / ODM
ڪار ٺاهيو:AUDI VWماڊل تعداد:06C133843

OEM1444 ايف پي
ڊگھائي (ايم ايم)357.5
چوٿون (ايم ايم)151.5 ميلي
ماھرڪوريا پيپر
اپليڪشنCITROEN air filter
ڪردارfilter efficiecny >99.8%
Service life >5000km
filtration prcise :F8

Filter the air from the outside into the compartment to improve the cleanliness of the air, the general filter material refers to the air contains impurities, tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust, air conditioning filter effect is to prevent this Substances into the air conditioning system to destroy the air conditioning system, to the car passengers good air environment to protect the health of the staff inside the car, there is to prevent glass atomization.





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