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Sinocare has 17 year experiences in BGM industry since its foundation in 2002, it is the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia and the first listed blood glucose meter manufacturer company in China, dedicating to the innovation of biosensor technology, developing, manufacturing and marketing on rapid diagnosis testing products.  In 2016, after the successfully acquisition of Nipro diagnostic Inc. (now renamed as Trividia Health Inc.) and PTS Diagnostics Inc. Sinocare has become the world’s No.5 largest blood glucose meter manufacturer and one of the leading companies in POCT industry in the world.


ماڻهن سان ذیابيطس ۽ ٻين دائمي بيمارين لاء اعلي معيار جي شين ۽ خدمتن کي مهيا ڪرڻ سان انهن جي زندگيء جي معيار کي بهتر بنائڻ ۾ مدد ڪندي.


دنيا ۾ بيماريء جي انتظامي ماهر جي اڳواڻي ۽ دنيا ۾ بي ايم ايم ماهر.

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2004 ۾ طبي ڊوائيس رجسٽريشن سند ۽ پيداوار جي منظوري حاصل ڪئي. پاس ٿيل ISO: اي يونيو ٽيو وي جي 13485 ۽ 2007 ۾ حاصل ڪيل سي ايم سرٽيفڪيٽ.