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A ”اگنيشن پرفارمنس“ انجن جي صلاحيت کي ظاھر ڪري ٿو ڪاميابي ۽ مؤثر طريقي سان ، گھڻي حد تائين باھ/ايندھن جي ميلاپ کي ساڙڻ. هڪ س spو چنگاري پلگ بهتر ڪري سگهي ٿو ”اگنيشن ڪارڪردگي“

There are four stages from the time the spark is generated at the gap, to the combustion of the air/fuel mixture.



The quenching action is where the cooler center and ground electrodes drain the energy of the flame core by way of heat transfer. If quenching is severe, the flame core can be extinguished, causing ignition to fail. Therefore, spark plugs designed to reduce the quenching effect have better "Ignition performance".