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Аутоматски филтер горива

40ГП ~ 80ГП Замјена металног филтера пумпе без четкица, ниског отпора, дуг животни вијек

Сертификат: ТС16949 ИС09001
Број модела: 180201511

Housing Diameter: КСНУМКС мм Перформансе: High Filtration Precision And Effiiciency
Трајност: Durable And Long Service Life Отпор: Low Resistance
Функција: Заштита животне средине Сертификат: ТС16949 ИС09001
Примена: СКОДА VW Number: 180201511

тип Филтер горива
ОЕ НО. 180201511
Марка аутомобила For SHODA/VW
veličina · Housing Diameter: 55 mm
· D1: 61.2 mm
· Height 1: 80.3 mm
· Висина: 164 мм
· D2: 7.9 mm
· D3: 7.9 mm
потврда ТС16949 ИС09001
Описи 1.high filtration precision and effiiciency
2.Durable and long service life
3.low resistance
4.high temperature
5.high anti humidity performance
6.environmental protection
7.good air premeability
8.good dust holding capacity

The role of oil filter

Engine work process, metal debris, dust, high temperature oxidation of carbon deposition and colloidal sediment, water and other mixed with lubricants. The role of oil filter is to filter out these mechanical impurities and gum, to keep the cleaning of lubricants to extend its use period. Oil filter should have a strong filtration ability, flow resistance is small, long life and other properties. The general lubrication system is equipped with several filters with different filtering capabilities - a filter, a prefilter and a fine filter, which are connected in parallel or in series. (With the main oil in series called the whole flow filter, the engine work all the filter by the filter filter; parallel with the shunt filter called). Wherein the coarse filter is connected in series in the main oil passage and is a full flow type; the fine filter is connected in parallel to the main oil passage. Modern car engines are generally equipped with a filter and a full-flow oil filter. The coarse filter filters out impurities in the oil having a particle size of 0.05 mm or more, and the fine filter is used to filter out fine impurities having a particle size of 0.001 mm or more.

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