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Takumi. A Symbol of Quality & Reliability

Takumi Japan is an automotive group consisting two business sections: traditional auto parts section & new energy electric vehicles section.

Takumi Japan auto parts business section is specialized in design, manufacture and marketing of Igntion system parts, Filtration system parts & Hybrid Batteries throughout the world. Taking advantage of the leading technologies, products from Takumi Japan have been obtaining very good reputation and gaining customers' satisfaction.

Takumi Japan has developed a professional team for international markets and been regularly participating at major international exhibitions to help our customers to be famous in local markets.

Takumi Japan cover following families of products:

Igntion system parts: spark plugs, ignition coils, igntion wire sets, ignition controllers

Spark plugs: Copper classic & Iridium platinum tipped for automobiles, motorcycles, garden machinaries, gas generators & other special applications.

Ignition coils: Coil-Near-Plug(CNP), Coil-On-Plug(COP), Stick Coil for automobiles & gas generators.

Ignition cables: Low resistance cable with silicone rubber or teflon for automobiles & gas generators.

Ignition controllers: Ignition control timing for gas generators with 4,6,8,12,16,20 cyliners.

Filtration system parts: oil filters, air fuel filters, fuel filters and cabin filters.

Oil filters: for filtration of engine oil, hydralical oil & all kinds of vehicles and machinaries.

Fuel filters: for all kinds of gasline and disel fuel.

Air filters: for all kinds of vehicles and machinaries.

Cabin filters: for all kinds of vehicles, machinaries & air cleaners.

Hybrid batteries: full applications including but not limited to Toyota camry prius lexus, Honda accrod insight civic fit & Ford fusion. Guaranteed quality with warranty and OE performance.

Takumi Japan new energy electric vehicles business section consists of two divisions: Low Speed Electric Vehicles(LSEV) Division & High Speed Electric Vehicles


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