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Takumi, a Symbol of Quality & Reliability !

In Japan, the "Takumi" concept is a kind of craftsmanship, which represents full devotion, meticulous attention to details, and excellence; having a true belief in excellence, achieving excellence at all espects.


Since 1970s, Takumi Group started industrial ceramic business from a small factory. Takumi focus on innovation and industriousness and has been contributing to the development and research of electrical and electronic system,such as spark plugs, ignition coils and sensors. BeforeY2013, Takumi Group was mainly serving Japan automotive industry as premium product supplier. Start from Y2014, premium product demand from China made it possible to have manufacturing facilities in China,and reachanbalancebetweenperformance and cost.


Takumi Japan auto parts is specialized in design, manufacture and marketing of Ignition system parts, Filtration system parts & Brakingsystem parts throughout the world. Taking advantage of the leading technologies, products from Takumi Japan have been obtaining very good reputation and gaining customers' satisfaction. We also have a professional team for international marketing and been regularly participating at major international exhibitions to help ourdistributors to be famous in local markets.


Takumi Japan cover following families of products:


Igntion system parts: spark plugs, ignition coils, igntion wire sets, ignition controllers

Spark plugs: Copper classic & Iridium platinum tipped for automobiles, motorcycles, garden machinaries, gas generators & other special applications.

Ignition coils: Coil-Near-Plug(CNP), Coil-On-Plug(COP), Stick Coil for automobiles & gas generators.

Ignition cables: Low resistance cable with silicone rubber or teflon for automobiles & gas generators.

Ignition controllers: Ignition control timing for gas generators with 4,6,8,12,16,20 cyliners.


 Takumi provide Guaranteed quality,Warranty and OE performance. Join Takumi,Grow together !

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