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  • 20 2022-12
    Takumi brand is recruiting exclusive dealers worldwide

    Takumi brand is recruiting exclusive dealers worldwide. Only one exclusive distributor is recruited in one region. Our products are auto and motorcycle parts, including motorcycle spark plug, industrial generator spark plug, filter, ignition coil, water pump seal, bearing, etc.

  • 23 2021-01
    Vice Mayor Wang Wei'an and his party visited the company

    On the morning of November 19, Wang Wei'an, vice mayor of Zhuzhou City, visited the company for investigation.

  • 13 2021-01
    Industrial spark plug extension rod products

    In view of the fact that most customers need extra extension rod when using our industrial spark plug,our company has developed this product and has various versions of industrial spark plug. If you need it, please contact the company email directly.

  • 05 2021-01
    Takumi ignition coil

    There are many kinds of raw materials for the wires in the ignition coil, and the performance of the products will be different according to different raw materials

  • 05 2021-01
    Takumi ignition coil factory

    Today we conducted a series of tests on the ignition coil products we are producing, including "finished product inspection test", "ignition coil thermal shock test bench"

  • 02 2021-04
    How to check the engine spark plug model?

    Carefully check the ceramic part of the engine spark plug, there will be a marked model on the ceramic part of the engine spark plug.

  • 01 2022-09
    The Challenges of Nitrogen oxide sensor

    Due to the high temperature of the combustion environment, only certain types of material can operate in situ. The majority of NOx sensors developed have been made out of ceramic type metal oxides, with the most common being yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), which is currently used in the decades-old oxygen sensor.