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  • 05 2023-06
    Choose proper channels to get good auto parts

    Recently, Tianjin Xingang Customs seized a batch of allegedly infringing oil filters, a total of 3,661. When the customs officers inspected a batch of oil filters declared as "no brand"

  • 04 2023-06
    Spark plug market development trend

    Spark Plugs Market Size Projected to Reach USD 4.23 Billion by 2032, growing at 0.0487 . The historic year considered is 2020 and the base year considered for the study is 2021

  • 15 2023-05
    Global auto aftermarket development trend

    ​According to China Insurance Research, the car zero-to-full ratio comprehensively reflects the changes in the cost load of car consumers using cars and the cost of car insurance compensation

  • 01 2022-09
    The Challenges of Nitrogen oxide sensor

    Due to the high temperature of the combustion environment, only certain types of material can operate in situ. The majority of NOx sensors developed have been made out of ceramic type metal oxides, with the most common being yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), which is currently used in the decades-old oxygen sensor.

  • 16 2021-04
    What is the cause of carbon accumulation in car spark plugs?

    (1) The black carbon on the spark plug: there is black sediment on the spark plug electrode and inside, which is carbon laydown, usually caused by too thick mixture of gas in the cylinder.

  • 02 2021-04
    How to check the engine spark plug model?

    Carefully check the ceramic part of the engine spark plug, there will be a marked model on the ceramic part of the engine spark plug.

  • 05 2021-01
    Takumi ignition coil

    There are many kinds of raw materials for the wires in the ignition coil, and the performance of the products will be different according to different raw materials

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