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What kind of quality control does TAKUMI have in order to achieve high quality?


We at TAKUMI endeavour to achieve „Total quality“ on three mutually independent levels:
- Integrated automatic checks
Test modules integrated into the automatic manufacturing cycle check all assemblies to ensure that only those which are in perfect condition remain in production. All others are immediately removed from the line before they give rise to unnecessary costs.
- Operator control
Employees constantly monitor the standard of their own work and record the results. If faults are found, the person concerned can react immediately.
- Independent product audit
Product audits are conducted in parallel with operator control in a special onsite quality laboratory, enabling the relevant findings to be incorporated into the production process without delay. Checks which cannot be carried out on site are referred to special groups at Quality Assurance, who have the necessary test equipment at their disposal.
All TAKUMI factories are ISO/TS 16949 certified as well as environmental standard ISO14001.

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