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What is a resistor spark plug?


A It incorporates a ceramic resistor to suppress ignition noise generated during sparking.
It incorporates a ceramic resistor.

It suppresses ignition noises from sparks.

Resistor spark plugs prevent electrical interference that can disrupt car radio reception, two-way radio and cellular phone operation.
This type of spark plug also prevents electrical noise from interfering with the operation of the computer in the engine.
Noise suppression effects of a resistor spark plug
(Compared with one of our conventional types)


As shown above, noise is reduced in all frequency zones by installing resistor spark plugs.


Example of part number of a resistor spark plug


As the resistor spark plug has an incorporated resistor, some people think that it has adverse effects on start-up, acceleration, fuel economy and emissions. However, this is wrong. It does not affect engine performance so don't hesitate to use it.

Resistance vs. power


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