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  • 19 2019-11
    If I fit a good quality filter, can I use low quality oil?

    A quality filter will not save your engine from excessive wear if there is prolonged use of a poor quality oil. Low quality oil generally means the oil additives deteriorate quicker, putting more stress on the engine. Make sure you use good quality oil and filters.

  • 19 2019-11
    Are Takumi wire sets universal?

    Takumi wire sets are custom manufactured to the exact dimensions of the application. There are no universal sets. Additionally, each individual Takumi wire is labeled for the particular cylinder number for virtually fool-proof installation.

  • 14 2021-04
    Whether the Iridium spark plugs are lifetime warranty ?

    Takumi is one of the first spark plug manufacturers offers customers a lifetime limited warranty. Single iridium spark plug serve time is designed to last up to 80,000 km and with features of quick starting, fast acceleration, full combustion and fuel saving.

  • 01 2021-04
    What are the advantages of Takumi iridium spark plug?

    TAKUMI is mainly engaged in aotomobile spark plug, industrial spark plug recerch & development 50 years. The Iridium spark plugs of TAKUMI was highly approved by costumers of Middle East, East Asia and Russia. We are recruiting excellent dealers in global.

  • 15 2022-12
  • 19 2019-11
    What kind of ring end gap should I run?

    If you would like specific gap recommendations for your application, please contact our customer center for more information.

  • 19 2019-11
    How do I know my piston to wall clearance, and where do I get the measurement?

    All Piston kits include a piston spec sheet with a piston to wall clearance recommendation. Always measure Pistons at the recommended gauge point, usually .500" up from the bottom of the skirt or where otherwise indicated on the spec sheet. Subtract this dimension from your finished bore size to determine your piston-to-wall clearance. If you have questions, please contact our customer center.